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Our team has exceptional marketing, creative and project management skills and we are positioned to deliver a premium service in value creation that supports business growth in both the short and long term.



How we work


With extensive experience in technology & engineering, healthcare, energy, real estate, consumer products, and professional services sectors, we are committed to making a real difference for our clients using design to change perceptions, capture imaginations and differentiate the business from competitors. For us, design is about people; the end-user is centric to each project. Like people, every project is different – we approach our work in a methodical and straightforward manner, ensuring a bespoke route in the process. We undertake a six-stage process with every project brief, that helps define the appropriate marketing and brand communications strategy that fits the business need, thus ensuring that the audience is engaged, sales opportunities are generated, senior level relationships are established and trade marketing channels are fully capitalised. 

Former Art Director with Saatchi and Saatchi and Creative Director in a number of Bristol agencies – Tim established The Creative Consortium 21 years ago. A natural creative – his meticulous art direction has secured a diverse range of blue chip accounts, achieving award status and building a solid reputation for the company based on trust and service delivery.

Tim can be described as having an ebullient personality – over the years many clients have developed good relationships with us and have retained loyalty with the business. Tim is passionate about design, from the simplest household utensil to grand architecture. Tim’s skill is communications innovation – developing unique brand identities through great visual design – essential to add value to ROI, client interface and interaction with the brand.

A brand strategy expert – Angela has worked in the Clothing and Retail Industry for over 25 years from a designer to Design Diector and Brand Consultant. In a pro-active career she has contributed to the bottom-line success of great design brands such as Paul Smith Ltd, Reiss, Daniel Hechter, The NT Enterprises, Acordis Fibres, Gorgina von Etzdorf and a host of high street retailers – where her corporate communications expertise and design management experience has been highly valued.
With a comprehensive but practical understanding of communication pressures facing both large and small enterprises – Angela has a wealth of experience and knowledge in corporate communications, championing new product development, design and strategic marketing within the business management framework. With a focus on reviving ‘tired’ brands, her skill is brand analysis, research and creative ideas that are realised through a directed, corporate communication strategy that works.

A motivated, lateral thinker; Gareth champions pure design, putting clients needs first. With strong management skills; he is professional, organised and very personable; able to visualise briefs with speed and efficiency whilst capable of managing the creative process to fulfil the most complex design.

Gareth's fine art background enhances his many skills as a senior designer / art director. A naturally talented illustrator, he is highly experienced in the use of all design software, focusing his strengths on web architecture and layout, copywriting and print design. He has a broad knowledge base with over 18 years experience in PR, marketing and advertising, print based technology and journalism.

Phase 1: Insight

Thinking requires time – we work with you to generate an exchange of ideas to understand the current and anticipated future environment in which your company trades and to define a purposeful direction. This stage is a highly collaborative and iterative process that engages a wide range of stakeholders and delivers a focused and defined purpose aligned with your corporate objectives – to deliver strong ROI and long term success. We undertake thorough research:

  • Customer research

  • Brand & proposition analysis

  • Market assessment

Success can only be achieved for our clients, if our thinking is based on sound knowledge of their market, their brand and their customers. We will always base our solutions on clear industry insight and corporate information that you as a business provide.

Phase 2 : Identify

This stage is thought of as a filter to review information – once we have understood the foundations of your market and your brand, we can move on to what strategies need to be developed, in line with your corporate objectives. At the end of the insight stage the team define, position and articulate the brand vision.

  • Brand positioning strategy 

  • Business intelligence strategy 

  • Engagement strategy 

  • Audience prioritisation 

  • Message development 

  • Channel selection 

We will strive to understand your business objectives whilst being as supportive as possible to achieve those aims.

Phase 3 : Explore

Once a preferred route(s) have been defined and the necessary analytical or visual research work is undertaken, we explore brand development strategies and creative ideas for brands, communications and marketing to produce all the collateral you need to launch a full communications strategy from the start - whether it is a traditional print campaign, a digital campaign or a mix.

Any marketing communications material that we produce on your behalf must be fit for purpose to ensure the maximum ROI from your marketing budget. Understanding your audience(s) is key – we need to devise how they want to be communicated to. The information that we collate will ensure that your marketing budget is spent as effectively as possible.

We can produce:

  • Advertising (print or digital, including Google AdWords and LinkedIn)

  • Brand Identity

  • Digital (e-commerce, responsive websites, micro-sites, apps, email campaigns)

  • Direct Mail

  • Events & Exhibitions

  • Literature

  • Packaging/POS

  • Photography & Video



Phase 4 : Craft

With research, analysis and a brand specification in place everything to create the brand is ready to go. Our experienced designers craft a range of creative outputs relevant to the brand and the client’s requirements all designed to give you a competitive advantage.

Phase 5 : Realise

We convert and implement all creative and marketing outputs with the aim to generate impact and excitement as we take the agreed strategy to market. Delivery is a critical step in determining whether your hard spent marketing budget is going to give you the results you want. The process of delivering a communications strategy will naturally lead to greater customer and market insight, so the long term strategy and message can be adapted and enhanced over time to ensure maximum ROI.

Phase 6 : Evolve

We want to work with our clients to develop their portfolio of brands, through the quality of our design work and the very best customer service. People are centric to a brand's success – we aim to build a professional bond of trust with our clients over time, so that the relationship evolves naturally. We act as a brand's guardian, to challenge fixed assumptions and direct future marketing communications to keep the brand fresh.

We believe that no matter how large or small your organisation, there’s an ever-present opportunity to differentiate your brand. We’ve been helping our clients to develop brand relevance for over 20 years.

Our Process

> Insight

> Identify

> Explore

> Craft

> Realise

> Evolve

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Gareth Brough

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Direct No. 01453 756392

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